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A multi-block Approach to Reforestation Management

This web page provides an on-line library of materials related to the multi-block approach to reforestation management that is being developed for the TFL 49 and Fort St. John Code Pilot Projects. Under this approach:

  1. reforestation standards are set for groups of blocks;
  2. each individual block is managed with full recognition that it is part of a larger population of harvested areas; and
  3. the assessment of reforestation achievement is based on the total performance of the multi-block harvested area.

This material on this web page does not represent the final procedures approved by the Code Pilot Project participants and the Ministry. Because the procedures to implement this approach are under active refinement, the most current procedures may differ from those described in the following documents.

Published articles

A brief, informal article published in the January-February 2003 issue of the ABCPF magazine FORUM. The article proposes multi-block reforestation performance standards instead of block-by-block (SU-by-SU) standards.

A paper published in the July-August 2002 issue of the Forestry Chronicle. The paper describes some of the concepts underlying the multi-block approach to setting reforestation standards, managing blocks, and assessing reforestation achievement.

Technical reports

A technical report by J.S. Thrower and Associates Ltd for Riverside Forest Products Ltd dated January 2002. The report provides yield predictions for lodgepole pine and interior spruce stands from a new type of silviculture survey.

A technical report by Craig Farnden dated November 2002. The report addresses the problem of establishing a reference level for the multi-block system that reflects TSR reforestation assumptions. The report a) discusses the challenges, b) provides a first approximation method, and c) demonstrates the method for the Fort St. John TSA.


Pat Martin’s PowerPoint presentation to the Fort St. John Code Pilot Project Silviculture team in July 2002. The presentation provides an overview of the multi-block approach that is under consideration for TFL 49.

Shane Browne-Clayton’s PowerPoint presentation to the winter SISCO meeting in March 2002. The presentation provides an overview of the results-based silviculture component of TFL 49’s Ecological Forest Stewardship Project.

A PowerPoint presentation by Pat Martin and Greg Taylor to the winter NSC meeting in Prince George, January 2003. The presentation contends that setting targets, managing blocks, and assessing regeneration should be done at the multi-block (landscape) scale.

Working papers

A working paper that proposes guidelines for implementing the mulit-block approach. Guidelines are suggested for the sample design, field sampling, yield prediction algorithm, database, application rules, and reports.

A working paper that describes, for the 2002 field test of the method in TFL 49, the a) sample design, b) method of data compilation, c) field procedures, and d) method used to establish targets.

Last updated on January 21, 2003

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