Future Forest Ecosystems Initiative: Tree Species Selection Project

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On this site, the project team will provide updates on the status of the project, including key documents and up-to-date information on the project's activities.



Purpose of the Project

To define the current and future needs for informed tree species selection decision-making in BC in the context of climate change.

Focus areas of the Tree Species Selection Working Group:
  • FFEI Integrator group for science-based information related to tree species management in the context of climate change
  • Develop a framework for landscape level tree species strategies
  • Development of a “Tree species selection decision support system”: comprehensive, current and accessible knowledge base supporting best available tree species management interpretations.
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Key Working Group Documents



Work In Progress

  • Landscape level ecological tree species benchmarks, Phase 2.  Three sessions completed, paper in progress
  • Tree Species Selection Tool – content for the Coast Area Regions

Work Completed

June 2008: Knowledge base and Interpretations database Requirements Workshop, Richmond, BC

October 2008: Completion of Draft General Business Requirements document for Interpretations database component of Decision Support System

November, 2008: Completion of Draft General Business Requirements for knowledge base component of Decision Support System.

March 2009 - Completion of the detailed business requirements and prototype for the tree species selection support tool.

March 2009 - Landscape level species strategies scoping workshop.

August 2010 - Draft landscape species strategy scoping document and case study.

February 2012 - Tree Species Selection Tool (beta version) with Northern Interior content

April 2012 - Technical Report 067 – A Landscape-level Species Strategy for Forest Management in British Columbia: Exploration of Development and Implementation Issues https://www.for.gov.bc.ca/hfd/pubs/Docs/Tr/Tr067.htm

October 2012 - Tree Species Selection Tool official release by ADM Resource Stewardship and the Chief Forester

July 2013 - Cariboo Region content posted to Tree Species Selection Tool


Contact Information

Co-Lead/Project Manager: Shirley Mah (Shirley.Mah@gov.bc.ca) - Resource Practices Branch 250- 356-2180

Co-lead: Kevin Astridge (Kevin.Astridge@gov.bc.ca) - Resource Practices Branch

Working Group Members Contact List

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