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Here is a sampling of some of the many recent publications related to OAFs. The following publications develop methods to estimate OAFs, provide background information on OAFs, or use OAF estimates to support forest resource management. These publications have been produced by a wide variety of individuals and groups. Inclusion of a publication on this site does not imply that the B.C. Ministry of Forests fully endorses the methods, results or interpretations.

  1. BC Ministry of Forests. 1998. OAF1 Project Report #1: An overview of stocking gaps and OAF1 estimates for TIPSY. BC Min. For., For. Prac. Br., Victoria, BC. Available online at:

  2. BC Ministry of Forests. 1998. OAF1 Project Report #2: Ground-based survey method. BC Min. For., For. Prac. Br., Victoria, BC. Available online at:

  3. Laing and McCulloch Forest Management Services Ltd. 1998. An evaluation of the use of CASI for deriving Type 1 operational adjustment factors. Laing and McCulloch Forest Management Services Ltd., Smithers, BC.

  4. Martin, P.J. 2000. Using OAF1 estimates to rank areas for supplemental planting. BC J. Ecosys. Manage. 1 (1): 1–7. Available online at:

  5. Nussbaum, A. 1998. Operational adjustment factors for use in TIPSY: description for TFL/TSA data package. BC Min. For., Res. Br., Victoria, BC. Unpublished memo. Available online at:

  6. J.S. Thrower and Associates Ltd. 1998. A test of three remote sensing methods to estimate non-productive area proportion for operational adjustment factors. J.S. Thrower and Associates Ltd., Kamloops, B.C. WCK-081-018-final-report.pdf

  7. Timberline Forest Inventory Consultants Ltd. 2001. Arrow Innovative Forest Practices Agreement operational adjustment factor project needs analysis. Timberline Forest Inventory Consultants Ltd., Victoria, BC Timblerine OAF POC.pdf

  8. Woods, A.J., Nussbaum, A., Golding, B. 2000. Predicted impacts of hard pine stem rusts on lodgepole pine dominated stands in central British Columbia. Can. J. For. Res. 30:476-481.

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