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Stocking in Partial Cut Stands

A new approach to regeneration stocking assessment in partially cut stands in the BC interior

This web site provides information on a new method to assess regeneration stocking in partially cut stands in the BC interior. This method is especially relevant to stands with substantial variation in the size and spatial arrangement of live trees retained at harvest. Problems arise when British Columbia’s existing systems for assessing stocking are applied in this stand type.

On this web site, you’ll find information on a new method of assessing the adequacy of seedling and sapling stocking that addresses some deficiencies in existing systems. This new method could be used:

  1. to help make reforestation treatment recommendations
  2. as the basis for non-traditional stocking standards, and
  3. to provide insight into the yield implications of a given level of understorey stocking.

Key Downloads

  1. DFP Survey Procedure (June 28, 2004 version, PDF)
  2. Training Session Workbook (June 28, 2004 version, PDF)
  3. DFP Technical Report (Mar. 16, 2005 version, PDF)
  4. DFP Extension Note – Web Version | Print Version
    (June 7, 2005, PDF)

    Note: In order to view these documents, you will need the free program Adobe Reader. Reader is available for download from Adobe's web site

This project is partly funded by the Government of Canada through the Mountain Pine Beetle Initiative, a six-year, $40 million program administered by Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service.