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Estimating the Susceptible Area Within Suppression Beetle Management Units

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The area of susceptible forest types for each major bark beetle species is a key piece of information required to determine the rank of beetle management units at a provincial level.  

Required Data:

IBM - The total of all areas identified as Moderate to High Hazard using Shore/Safranyik or equivalent for IBM. 

IBS and IBD - Hazard for other beetle species to be based mostly on age class (>120 yrs).

In most cases, this area will already be summarized based on previous budget submissions.

Susceptibility rating systems have been developed for the three major bark beetle species and are described in the Bark Beetle Management Guidebook:

Most regions and districts have completed susceptibility ratings for their areas.  This information may be made available upon request.

The SIFR has posted MPB, SB and DFB susceptibility ratings from 2006 on their ftp site at:!publish/Forest Health/Bark Beetle Susceptibility Ratings/

ArcINFO AMLs have been developed by the Pacific Forestry Centre  for calculating IBM susceptibility using either FIP (MOF forest inventory planning data) or VRI (Vegetation Resource Inventory) data.  These AMLs are posted at:!publish/barkbeetles/AML/

Contact Dr. Mike Wulder, Pacific Forestry Centre for more information on their application. 

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Last updated on October 19, 2005
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