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Forest Health Information Management


Strategic Information Management

Forest Health Strategy

Aerial Overview Survey

  • General information
    • includes links to Regional and Provincial Summaries, Survey Standards and more
  • Forest Health Data Model (pdf, 275 k, posted April 1, 2003) - describes the structure of the current forest health data layer in the GeoBC Data Warehouse

Operational Forest Health Information Management

Operational Surveys and Treatments

  • survey and treatment types for various pests are described in specific Forest Health FPC Guidebooks
  • records for tracking the location, type and application date of surveys and treatments are kept in various databases including the Forest Health layer in the GeoBC Data Warehouse and RESULTS. 
  • common data standards facilitate inclusion of other data not currently included in these corporate databases  

Hazard and Risk Ratings

Data Administration

Other Bark Beetle Management Information

Last updated on July 11, 2013
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