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Photos by Brett Hopkins

Abitibi Consolidated pulp and paper mill

Abitibi.jpg (25428 bytes)


Germansen Lake

Germlk.jpg (25925 bytes)


Log boom on Williston Lake

Logboom.jpg (30392 bytes)


Morfee Lake in Fall

Morfee.jpg (20659 bytes)


Mackenzie and Williston Lake from top of Morfee Mountain

Morfmnt.jpg (12848 bytes)


Omineca River at Germansen Landing

Omineca.jpg (23259 bytes)


Osilinka River

Osilinka.jpg (17932 bytes)


Peace Arm of Williston Lake

Peace.jpg (23903 bytes)


Mount Selwyn from the Wicked River

Selwyn.jpg (11820 bytes)


Aerial View of Mackenzie

Town.jpg (13836 bytes)


Wicked River

Wicked.jpg (30948 bytes)


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