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  Seaward-tlasta Business Area
  Welcome to the Seaward-tlasta Business Area of BC Timber Sales, which geographically encompasses the North Island-Central Coast forest district. The administrative and management centre for the business area is the Timber Sales Office (TSO) located in Port McNeill, where a field team is also located.

The TSO provides all front-counter walk-in service for the business area and is where customers can pick up or drop-off TSL tender packages, program registration packages and copies of legal documents. Field team offices are not able to provide these services. All general inquiries and requests for meetings in the Seaward-tlasta Business Area should be directed to:
  BC Timber Sales
Box 7000
2217 Mine Road
Port McNeill, B.C. V0N 2R0
Tel: 250 956-5000
Fax: 250 956-5045
Email: Forests.SeawardTimberSalesOffice@gov.bc.ca
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