British Columbia plant species codes and selected attributes:

Version 7 (2012)

These species code files contain the presently accepted scientific and common names for vascular plants, mosses and lichens of British Columbia . The liverworts and hornworts included on this list are from the North American lists as a B.C. list does not exist. All species are given a 7 or 8 character code for use in database applications. In addition, commonly used species synonyms are included to assist in determining the presently accepted name.

Species attributes include lifeform, toxicity, weed status, wetland indicator value, and whether native or exotic. Conservation Data Centre red or blue list rankings are no longer included (use Species and Ecosystems Explorer), Further documentation of the species file contents is in the 'read me' file – Species_Readme_Jan2009.doc - included in the 'zip' files. Tree species also have a 3 letter code - these are in the database and can be downloaded as a separate file from the link below.

Changes to this list are the result of an annual review by the BC Flora Expert Committee of nomenclatural issues and reports of new species to BC. The previous list was in 2009.

Download Microsoft Access2003 database of species file

Download Excel set of species files

Download B.C. Tree Code List

Download Changes from 2009 to 2012 species file

Key to Tables within the 2012 species database

Table Name




Database of all information; includes fields to create the tables above; use Readme file information to interpret. (Table not included in Excel files zip)


All native and exotic, both naturalized and not, taxa in BC
[Does not include synonyms and excluded taxa.]


Exotic/Introduced taxa (or taxa of unknown origin) that occur in B.C.  Includes both naturalized and not-naturalized taxa.


Species once recognized as part of the BC flora, but now excluded


Commonly used synonyms for native and naturalized species


Native and exotic, both naturalized and not, tree taxa.  Includes genera which have both tree and non-tree species.


Native and exotic, both naturalized and not, tree taxa which have been assigned 3-letter codes.