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General Information

The Chilliwack Natural Resource District is located in the southern mainland portion of the South Coast Natural Resource Region bordered by Bowen Island to the west, Manning Park to the east, Boston Bar to the north and the United States border to the south. It covers approximately 1.4 million hectares and is the most densely populated Forest District in the province.


Highlighted Topics and Notices

 Road Closures and Warnings

Effective July 17, 2014:  Notice is given under Section 6(1) and 6(2)(b) of the Forest Service Road Use Regulation that the Nahatlatch Forest Service Road  is hereby closed effective immediately beyond 21.9 km in the vicinity of Squakum Creek until further notice.This action is in response to the current high forest fire hazard and multiple fires burning in the Upper Nahatlatch area which pose a significant threat to public safety. The lower Nahatlatch River Valley and all designated recreation sites up to the Squakum Creek recreation site is still open to the public, although a campfire ban is in place effective 12:00 PM July 17, 2014. (The Notice Letter)

Effective May 1, 2014:  The Mowhokam FSR is closed at 15.3 km due to a washout.

Effective April 23, 2014:
The Sumallo FSR is closed at approximately at 2.4 km due to current rock slide.

Effective April 23, 2014:
The Kookipi Creek FSR is closed at approximately at 3.5 km due to current rock slide.

Effective April 10, 2014: The Uztlius Creek FSR is closed at 200 metres past the 13 km sign due to current road failure.

Effective November 14, 2013:  the Squeah Forest Service Road has been closed at 1.5 km for public safety due to condemned bridges. No access.

Click Here for photos and Google Earth .kmz files of the incidents noted above.

Notice to all Road Use Permit holders: regarding the building of Forest Service Road Bridges, Major Culverts or installation of Fish Stream Culverts.

See District Manager Requirements here

Hatzic Information Update

As referenced in the District Manager letter to the Hatzic Valley Logging Committee, dated December 12, 2012, a report summarizing hydrological information of the Hatzic Lake drainage area has now been completed. The report provides an assessment of topographical and historical influences on the hydrology of the area.

View Report Here

B.C. Protects Old Growth Forests in Chilliwack District

VICTORIA – An additional 23,810 hectares in the Chilliwack District are now protected in old growth management areas, Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Minister Steve Thomson announced today.

More Information Here

Latest Avalanche Bulletins - Public avalanche bulletins and special avalanche warnings for many of the mountainous regions of western Canada.

Information about Forest Stewardship Plans:

To learn more about Forest Stewardship Plans (FSP), Forest Development Units (FDU), how the public can be involved, and other questions about FSP's,
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BC Bid Questions and Answers

Invitation to Tender and Bid Proposal: - BC Bid

  • August 14, 2014: EN15LMN305 Invitation to Tender - Tamihi Creek, Bear Mountain and Lost Creek Road Deactivation
    Closing September 4, 2014 at the Chilliwack District office 46360 Airport Road, Chilliwack BC, V2P 1A5
  • August 8, 2014: EN15LMN304 Invitation to Tender - (Nahatlatch River CK2196) Jump Span Replacement and Guardrail Upgrade
    Closing September 2, 2014 at 2:00 pm At the Chilliwack District office 46360 Airport Road, Chilliwack BC, V2P 1A5

Permits and Forms

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Forest Service Road Permits:

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    - Junction Permit

Danger Trees

Private Timber Marks

Private Timber Mark applications:

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Chilliwack Natural Resource District
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Phone: (604) 702-5700


Fire Information

Forest Education

  • The Tree Book will help you identify the native trees in your neighbourhood and understand why they grow where they do.
  • Common Tree Diseases of British Columbia is the third version of a Canadian Forest Service tree disease identification guide for British Columbia. This site is useful for arborists, horticulturists, and homeowners as a guide in the diagnosis of disease on a wide range of plants.

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Chilliwack Natural Resource District
46360 Airport Road
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Phone: (604) 702-5700