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Welcome to BC Timber Sales

BC Timber Sales (BCTS) was founded in 2003 with a mandate to provide the cost and price benchmarks for timber harvested from public land in British Columbia. Through 12 Business Areas and an operational presence in 33 locations, BCTS manages some 20 percent of the provincial Crown allowable annual cut..

BCTS has four business goals. Guided by the overriding principles of safety,  sound forest management, and effective relationships BCTS:


  1. Is a high performing organization with skilled, motivated and proud people.

  2. Provides a credible reference point for costs and pricing of timber harvested from public land in B.C.

  3. Provides a reliable supply of timber to the market, through open and competitive auctions - subject to meeting the requirements of cost and price referencing as stated in Goal 2.

  4. Maximizes net revenue for the province - subject to the requirement of cost and price referencing as stated in Goal 2 and supplying timber for auction as stated in Goal 3.

 The BCTS commitment to the safety of all people affected by its operations employees, contractors, licensees and the public is demonstrated by achievement of SAFE Company certification in August 2008.  BCTS requires SAFE Company certification for all parties employing workers on Timber Sales Licences or bidding on contracts with BCTS.

Sound forest management is also a high priority for British Columbians and central to the BCTS mandate. BCTS is the largest tree planter in British Columbia, with 425 million tree seedlings planted in its first ten years. The commitment to forest management excellence includes maintaining certification of an Environmental Management System in all Business Areas under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 14001) and Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) certification over 100% of its operating areas.


In its first ten years, BCTS offered more than 143 million cubic metres of timber to the market, sold 117 million cubic metres and generated $360 million in net revenue for the Province.

This website provides information about our Business Plan and performance, and access to documents, forms and other materials for clients and program registrants.

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